Meet awesome people without leaving home

We're taking the distance out of distancing. Spice up your quarantine with randomized video chat on Swivel!


Real people, real connections, real fun.

Swivel takes takes all the weirdness and risk out of randomized chatting. What's left is what randomized video chat should be—a safe and fun world full of possibilty.

Less clicking, more connecting

OnSwivel's matching algorithm takes your location and gender preferences and shows only people who fit your criteria.

And because we ask users to verify user accounts, the people on Swivel actually want to find things like friendship and romance. Speaking of which...

Real, verified users from the United States

Most chat apps  don't care who's online, that's why they turn into cesspools. We care. Deeply. That's why we ask every user to make a quick, verified profile. Sure, its scares off a few people but that's the point.

New users every day

OnSwivel is growing at lightning speed. New users join every day which means more and more folks to connect with.

Zero tolerance for bad actors

You can block anyone after a single session and never see them again. If a person is blocked three times, they're gone forever. No exceptions. And because we validate accounts, gone means gone.

How video chat is supposed to work

Favorite the people you like

Find someone awesome? Add them to your favorites and they'll get your number. Plus they'll be more likely to show up on your feed again. Unless they blocked you, then you're out of luck.

Block the ones you don't

Dislike or block people you don't want to see again and they leave your pool forever. For-ev-er. No exceptions. That means your matches just get better and better over time.

Keep track of everything and connect with the good ones again

Can't remember whatshisname with the dorky jokes and easy smile? Or that girl with that laugh lines? No problem. Unlike every other video chat app, all your dates are saved in your history. Find someone in seconds and call them up!

Match. Tap. Chat

It's that easy.